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Fiber Internet Services for Your Home

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Discover our home fiber packages. With ultra-fast speeds from 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps, there’s a fiber internet package to meet your needs.

Rapid 100℠

100 Mbps

$50* per Month
  • Social Media
  • Video Conferencing
  • Optimize 5 Devices
  • Instant Message
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Rapid 1G℠

1 Gbps

$80* per Month
  • Movie Streaming
  • Live Video Sharing
  • Optimize 15 Devices
  • High-Speed Operations
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Rapid 2G℠

2 Gbps

$100* per Month
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Gaming
  • Optimize over 15 Devices
  • Online Backup
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All plans include Managed Wi-Fi service that provides remote troubleshooting and improved network performance. A $5 additional monthly fee will apply when not enrolled in paperless billing and Autopay.

* Plus applicable taxes and fees.

Maximize the security, functionality, and enjoyment of your Rapid Fiber Internet Service. For more details, visit our Protection & Security page.


Fiber Provides Super-fast Internet Speeds


  • Ultra-fast speeds
  • Zero data limits or throttling
  • Zero contacts
  • Ultra-fast uploads and downloads
It’s Fast – The Fastest Around, in Fact!
Rapid 100℠ Broadband Service
100 Mbps
Rapid 1G℠ Broadband Service
1 Gbps
Rapid 2G℠ Broadband Service
2 Gbps
Download 100 photos
29.4 seconds
2.8 seconds
1.5 seconds
Download HD Movie
5 minutes 23 seconds
54.3 seconds
14.6 seconds
Download 50 songs
5 minutes 12 seconds
1.5 seconds
.7 seconds
Download Online Game
1 hour 12 minutes
7 minutes 30 seconds
3 minutes 16 seconds

Sign up for fast fiber internet and discover the future of technology. We can always help if you have any questions about our fiber internet or phone service, (866) 647-2743.

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