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Signing up for Service FAQ

How does the installation process work?
  • Rapid Fiber Internet will pull fiber along SVEC’s power lines and attach the fiber to the home or business.
  • The fiber will run in the same manner as the power lines. If electric service comes from overhead lines, so will the fiber. If your service comes from underground lines, so will the fiber.
  • Next, the fiber line will be attached to a box near the electric meter where the inside wiring connects with the outside wiring.
  • Finally, the fiber is connected to a fiber jack inside the home or business, where it’s plugged into the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Rapid Fiber Internet will provide.

Once outside installation is complete, a representative from Rapid Fiber Internet will contact the customer to schedule an appointment for an in-home installer to finalize the connection and test the service.

How will I know when I can sign up?

Once construction of the fiber network has been completed in your specific area, we will notify you of service availability so you can sign up.

How did you decide who can get service first?

The fiber-optic network will follow the path of our electric footprint, with a goal of ensuring the most efficient and logical design and construction process. This efficiency will allow us to offer service at an affordable price for consumers. The network will be built in 3 phases and out from 1 substation at a time.

In selecting the substations included in each phase, we considered:

  • Poles and infrastructure “health”: How much work may need to be completed to accommodate the fiber optic cable.
  • Revenue projections: More densely populated areas where many people take service will generate revenues more quickly, thereby helping to ensure the entire project remains financially viable.
  • The location chosen for gaining direct internet access (DIA). DIA is fully dedicated bandwidth that is not shared with other entities and offers unvarying symmetrical download and upload speeds.
Who can get Rapid Fiber Internet?

Our goal is to ultimately make high-speed fiber internet available to all SVEC consumer-members throughout Hamilton, Lafayette, and Suwannee counties, and northern Columbia County. Service may be offered to non-SVEC members in the future, but the priority is on serving SVEC members first.